Products Name:Take fresh cassava to produce cassava flour and alcohol

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2. Process features:

2.1 The process adopts cleaner production methods, it can properly utilize cassava peels, waste water and residues, to increase plant’s economic benefits, and protect the environment.

2.2 In the process of alcohol production, the use of new technology, new formula, and new enzyme can greatly improve the alcohol concentration of fermented mash. It not only saves energy and water resources, also simplify production equipment and improve the production efficiency. The economic benefits can be significantly improved.

2.3  Our company can produce this set of production equipment according to the needs of customers. Production scale can range from 80~2000 tons of fresh cassava being processed per day, and produce 20~450 tons of total cassava flour and 4~100 tons of fine quality food grade alcohol (or 99.8% anhydrous ethanol) accordingly.