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The equipment is consisted of frame, filter, mechanical compaction system and electric system. Filter plate and filter frame of alternant distribution can form one set of filter room. There is groove on the surface of the filter plate, the bulge is used to support the filter cloth. The through holes at the corners of the filter plate and filter frame can form a complete channel after installation. The suspension and washing water can go through the channel and the filtrate can be drawn out. There are handles on the beam of both sides of the plate and frame. The plate and frame are compacted by compaction system. The filter cloth between plate and frame is used as the sealed gasket. Force the suspension to filter room by feeding pump till the room is full while the filter cake is formed on the filter cloth. The filtrate passes the filter cloth and flow to the corner channel along the groove of the filter plate, then discharge. After filtration, fill washing water to wash the filter residue. Sometimes fill the compressed air to remove the residual filtrate after washing. Then open the filter to remove the filter residue and clean the filter cloth. Next compact the plate and frame again to start next operation cycle.