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Zero discharge of vinasse filtrate

For the purposes of not only protecting the environment entirely and effectively, but also to deal with investments and energy consumption of the project economically and reasonably, on the basis of abundant investigations, researches and practices, we brought the long term and plentiful practice experiences of the researchers into full play, and synthesized the features of several individual technologies, a new zero release process of vinasse filtrate was meticulously researched and successfully developed by our company, also ideal effects have been achieved.

A. Technical measures
1. Primary tower is heated indirectly.
2. Indirect heated steam cooking.
3. Paste is cooled by air.
4. Grinding foam dust removing by circulating water.

B. Process water balance (calculate against direct process water of each ton alcohol, calculation omitted)
1. Water needed for grinding: 9.6t (watering rate 1:3)
2. Condensate water for steam cooking: 1.06t.
3. Paste air-cooling evaporation: 0.73t.
4. Dual enzyme and dry yeast dilute water: 1t.
5. CO2 flow over during fermentation: 1t.
6. Water for tank bottom rinsing during fermentation:0.2t.
7. CO2 thin alcohol recovery washing water: 0.1t.
8. Condensate water of primary tower: 2.63t.
9. Alcohol water took away by crude alcohol: 2t.
10. Vinasse for each ton alcohol: 14.06t.
11. Filtrate: 11.95t.
12. Mass of filtrate after primary tower and steam cook adopt indirect heating method: 8.26t.
13. Fresh water that needed to supplement when all filtrates back for vinasse stirring (item 1-12): 1.34t.
14. Total fresh water that needed to supplement during process (item 4+6+7+13): 2.64t.
15. Percentage of fresh water to be supplemented in total water consumption:
item 142.64/(item12+148.26+2.64)*100% =2.64/(8.26+2.64)*100% = 24.2%
16. Backing rate of the filtrate:
item 128.26/item 1111.95*100%=8.26/11.95*100% =69%

C. Economic returns and environmental benefits
After adopting this process, the alcohol filtrate that used to be very difficult to disposal totally backing and reused for alcohol production, the zero discharge of contaminated matters has been realized, the difficulty that environment pollution caused by alcohol production has been completely resolved. At least 2 million yuan investments on sewage treatment can be saved.
Economically, compare with the previous direct heating process, even though the steam consumption will be appreciably increased due to the using of indirect heating process of primary tower and steam cook, and also part of the electric power consumption will be increased. But the clean and high temperature condensate water after indirect heating can be recovered and used as softening water for the boiler, therefore, the above increased costs can be approximately compensated by the recovery of thermal energy and softening water.

Molasses alcohol vinasse disposal device

The project is designed to match with the molasses alcohol productive capacity, to spray the concentrated vinasse into furnace and burning, the thermal energy is recoverable, and zero release realized

1. Technological process


2. Technical description

1) The vinasse concentrating process adopts five effects plate type falling film pressure reducing evaporation process, it can realize maximum or minimum circulation as well as cleaning without shutdown the machine, with advantages such as energy saving, seldom scale, convenient to clean and less cleaning time.
2) The vinasse liquid waste to be sprayed into furnace after being concentrated and burning, the thermal energy is recoverable, and zero release realized.

3. Consumption index for each ton of 50% concentrated vinasse
1) Primary vinasse: 4m3 of 12% concentration
2) NaOH: 0.4Kg of 30% concentration
3) Water: Circulation cooling water
4) Steam: 1.1t at 0.2Mpa