Products Name:Complete plant of starch sugar production

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Complete plant of starch sugar production

Starch sugar is made from starch, which are produced from the catalytic hydrolysis of acids or enzymes. It is the main product of starch deep processing. 


Technological process:




Technical description:

1. Liquefaction adopts spray liquefaction, which not only saves steam, but also ensures uniform heating.

2. Saccharification adopts compound saccharifying enzyme, which not only grantees complete saccharification, but also shortens saccharification time.

3. Solid substance removal section adopts rotary drum filter, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces labor intensity.

4. Evaporation adopts plate type falling film evaporator, which has high evaporation efficiency, also can be cleaned easily.

5. Vertical crystallization or horizontal crystallization can be choosed according to customers actual situation.

6. Centrifugal separation is adopted to realize solid-liquid separation with high degree of automation.

7. Negative flash dryer is adopted to ensure stable product quality.

8. Automatic packaging system is used to improve production efficiency.