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High purity CO2 recovery & clarification project for alcohol plant

1. Summary

CO2 is the uppermost by-product of high value in use which is generated during alcohol fermentation. Concentration of CO2 in alcohol fermentation vapor may higher up to more than 99%. Therefore, high purity CO2 can be obtained through not very complicated purification.

High purity CO2 recovery and clarification devices have been used in alcohol, beer and other industries from 1980s. Keyu company successfully designed high purity CO2recovery devices for several dozens of alcohol plants in China and abroad, and all of the plants have gained favorable economic benefits.

Along with the development of China’s national economy and the improvement of people’s living conditions, the demand of CO2 in China has been increasing year after year, also more higher requirements on purity of CO2 has been put forward. Along with the progress of science and technology, the use of CO2 is expanding continuously and mainly used in the following industries at present:

Food industry: beverage factory, beer brewery, food antistaling, aviation food, etc.

Industry: jointing, foundry, chemical industry, etc.

Agriculture: green house vegetables, foodstuff storage, agricultural fertilizer, etc.

Tobacco industry: CO2 pipe tobacco expanding.

Medicine industry: manufacturing of medicines.

Others: petroleum exploitation, fire fighting, dyestuffs, flavor extraction, cooking oil extraction, etc.

2. Technical economy analysis

2.1 Production scale

It is known that the fermenting production process flow of alcohol is starch or sugar molasses transform into glucose at first, and then alcohol is produced through fermentation, abundant CO2 is generated at same time, the biochemical process as following:

Anaerobic fermentation

    C2H12O6                                 2C2H5OH + 2CO2

180                            92      88


CO2: C2H5OH=88:92=0.956

It means that 0.95t of CO2 is generated when producing 1t of alcohol.

2.2 Benefit increased

The main production cost of CO2 is on electric power consumption, for each ton CO2 the electric power consumption is about 160Kw/h, plus costs on water consumption and manpower, the production cost for each ton CO2 is less than 180RMB. Edible CO2 recovery and clarification system is a project of high economic additional value in the comprehensive utilization of by-products of alcohol plants, with the advantage of less investment, short investment recovery period, produce desired result in short time and favorable economic benefit.

3. Technology for producing high purity low temperature liquid CO2

1) Technological process



2. Technical description

1) Aim at the constituent character of alcoholic fermentation gas, this device adopts strong oxidable solution to wash the material gas, make sure it can meet the requirement of aldehyde and ethanol in the material gas after sends it to the next working procedure. Adopt complete low pressure procedure, setup the pressure of third class outlet at 2.2Mpa (G). Lubricate without lubricant can assure long-term, safe and stable operation. Drying system is consist of main dryer and supplementary dryer