Products Name:Alcohol Production with Non-cooking & non-saccharification technology

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Alcohol Production with Non-cooking & non-saccharification technology

Non-cooking and non-saccharification technology is that the raw material do not need to be cooked and saccharified in fermentation section.The raw materials such as corn are crushed into required granularity or made into powdery paste, add water (at a certain temperature) directly, and then add yeast for fermentation.

The biggest merit of this process is high ethanol yield. No cooking process, so the loss of fermentable sugar caused by cooking is reduced. The ethanol yield is 5%~10% higher than that of the traditional cooking process, the yield differs according to different raw materials. The production process is easier to operate and is more stable. This reduces the production cost and construction investment, simplifies the production process and improves the comprehensive benefit. According to experiments and practices, it has been proved that:

1. This process can save a lot of steam(about 35%), also can save much cooling water and mixing water.

2. This process don’t need cooking and saccharification process. So in construction of a new plant, there is no need to build cooking, saccharifying and their supporting equipments. It can greatly save the investment in equipment and infrastructure.

3. Without cooking section, the colour of DDGS produced from vinasse is lighter and is more attractive than before. So the sales status and economic benefit will be better.

4. Electricity consumption can be reduced by 20%, and the overall labor intensity can be reduced by 40%.


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