Products Name:Alcohol Complex Enzyme, a novel enzyme for alcohol production from wheat, wheat starch milk and cassava

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Alcohol Complex Enzyme, a novel enzyme for alcohol production from wheat, wheat starch milk and cassava Jinan Keyu Zhanye Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of alcohol equipment, provides advanced alcohol production technology. It is the vice president unit of Shandong Biological Fermentation Industry Association. In recent years, the company has successfully developed a new alcohol production technology-Non cooking process for alcohol production from wheat, wheat starch milk or cassava. This process uses a new enzyme, which can realize material fermentation after the material is pretreated at 60℃ and cooled to proper temperature. Therefore, many problems occurred in the traditional production of wheat, starch milk or cassava alcohol will be solved, and the advantages are as follows: 1. High yield rate. Due to the non-cooking process, the sugar contained in raw materials will not be lost. The traditional high temperature cooking will turn part of sugar into caramel, which not only can not be utilized, but also hinders saccharification. It decrease the utilization of starch. Generally, using this enzyme, the alcohol yield rate will improve by 2~3%. 2. Low energy consumption. Steam consumption in cooking process is about 1 ton. This process will reduce energy consumption, meeting the concept of environmental protection. 3. Reduce mash viscosity and water consumption. In traditional technology, the cooked mash is viscous, not easy to flow, the general water ratio is about 1:3. By using this process, the water ratio can be reduced to 1:2. So the alcohol concentration and yield rate is increased, the energy consumption and sewage discharge is reduced. 4. Saving cooling water and electricity. 5. Improve alcohol quality. High temperature cooking process produces a large number of fusel oil, acids, esters, ketones, caramel colors and other impurities. So non cooking process can improve the quality of alcohol accordingly. 6. Simplify operation and save investment.