Jinan Keyu Zhanye Technology & Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Jinan Keyu Zhanye Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high & new technology enterprise. It is the vice president of Shandong Bio-fermentation Industry Association and an excellent supplier of bio-fermentation industry in Shandong Province. It is founded by the professors, advisers, experts of Shandong Light Industry University & Shandong Fermentation Design Institute and a group of senior engineers. They are experienced in the fields of alcohol and CO2. The workshop occupies 50,000 M2. The company is located in the beautiful springs city Jinan, which is the political, economic and cultural center of Shandong province.

Since 1995, Keyu Company has undertaken the design, construction and provided technical services for many distilleries, ethanol producers and starch sugar factories in China.

Keyu company undertook the design, equipment manufacture and technical service for a 100,000T/Y fine quality edible alcohol project, 15,000T/Y acetic acid project, 10,000T/Y CO2 project and alcohol waste water treatment project in Pakistan. We have successful completed 60,000 T/Y fuel ethanol project and 30,000 T/Y protein feed (DDG) project in Russia. We also design and construct the superfine alcohol and related projects for American customer. The excellent quality and service were highly commended by the foreign clients.

Keyu Company always based on the “serve the customers sincerely” to undertake the following projects both in domestic and overseas.

A. Undertake the overall design, construction or technical reformation work for 3,000-500,000T/Y fine-quality alcohols (GB10343-2008).

B. Undertake the construction work of 1,500-300,000T/Y absolute ethanol (Molecular sieve bed method).

C. Design and provide equipment for reclaiming & producing fine-quality food grade CO2 for distilleries/ ethanol plant. Standard of GB10621-2006 had been reached.

D. Supply complete technology (advanced technology in the world) and construction service to produce granule protein feed (DDGS) for the distilleries / ethanol plant that use corn and wheat as material.

E. Provide the "non-cooking, non-saccharification" technique to produce alcohol, which is an advanced technology in the world.

F. Provide the technology and equipment for distilleries / ethanol plant to treat vinasse liquid thoroughly, enable the drained wastewater to meet the “Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard” (GB18918-2002).

G. Design and manufacture equipment for water saving projects, and decrease the water consumption to 20m3 for producing one ton alcohol.

H. Manufacture the special equipment for light industry and chemical industry

Our company not only supplies the high-new technology and high quality equipment but also provide the excellent after-sales service. Technical training and whole-life technical service will be provided after completing the project as well.

Our mission is to build customer satisfaction with our top-ranking technology, top-ranking equipment, top-ranking credit standing and top-ranking service.